A Complete Guide to EWR – Newark International Airport

Going to the airport is never in on everyone’s bucket list like other destinations. But, like every destination differs, so every airport also. Navigating to a new city was has never been simpler, it is always challenging. In the same way, navigating to a new airport is also not as easy as we think.

The moment you enter to the airport, your head spins with numerous questions like where I would find the food court, rest area, how long it will take to get in another terminal, about airport parking, and much more.

If you are the one who is having these types of questions, we have answers to all your airport questions.

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About EWR

Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the largest international airports in New York City. Being one of the major airports in the U.S., it is considered as the busiest airport for flights. Regarding passengers, it is one of the top 15 U.S. Airports. The airport has three terminals, out of which United States has the most flights and shows that EWR is the third-largest hub for United.

The airport has a complimentary AirTrain that connects parking lots and each of the terminals. Moreover, the Wi-Fi facility is also available for the first 30 minutes throughout the airport and then available for hourly for a charge.

Food Points

Newark Liberty International Airport has received major upgrades recently that include several new establishments. Many of the restaurants you will see at United’s Terminal C. Some of them are Wanderlust, a burger bar which offer gourmet burgers and beers, Saison, a French bistro, Vo Banh Mi, a sandwich shop, Wabi Sabi and Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse for dim sum that is inspired by NYC Chinatown’s Nom Wah Tea Parior, first dim sum point.

However, you have options available in Terminal A and B, where you find a variety of restaurants. Few of them are Sora Sushi, Philip’s Seafood, Earl of Sandwich, Wendy’s, and Chili’s too, and so on.

Drinks and Café

You will find the trendiest cafes in EWR that begins in Terminal C. Proof and Caps Beer Garden are the one where you will find a great selection of whiskey, beer, wine, and cocktails. Moreover, if you don’t want to rush to terminal C, you will find some airport bars in Terminal A and B named as Champps, Currito Cantina that features Latin-themed cocktails and varied range of margaritas.


Many times it happens that your flight might get delay and make you worry that what to do in the remaining time. But, at the Newark Liberty International Airport, there are some local and designer shops named as Papyrus, Brookstone, and Swatch where you can explore alot. Moreover, you can also take the pleasure of a full-service spa named D_parture Spa, where you can also get a haircut and style.

In case if you don’t find these places interesting, you can also visit the nearby Newark Museum and The Mills at Jersey Gardens Mall in New Jersey.

Airport Lounges

EWR has several United Club lounges in Terminal A and C. Not to mention the names as there are numerous. Every passenger can get the pass for $35 a day to enjoy the services that lounges provide.

So, at this airport, you will find everything from food to entertainment which is enough to make your journey a memorable one.