The Best Pizza Places in Springfield, MO

Who doesn’t love a fresh, delicious slice of pizza? If you’re visiting Springfield, Missouri, or passing through the area, you’ll likely crave this favorite U.S. staple at some point. When that happens, make sure to visit or order takeout from one of these three popular pizza joints.

The Big Slice NY Style Pizzeria

If you’re not a fan of St.-Louis-style pizza — which you’ll find at most pizza places in Springfield — your best bet is The Big Slice. Just as the name suggests, this restaurant bakes and serves large New-York-style pies. You can call ahead to place an order for pickup, or you can grab a seat and enjoy your meal right there at Sunshine Street.

Whole pizzas are available as well as individual slices. For something different, ask for a “stuffed pie,” which the chefs make by adding a second crust to any pizza. Fan favorites include The Supreme Ruler and The Burt Reynolds. Homemade lasagna, garlic knots, calzones, dessert pizza, and fresh cinnamon rolls are also available.

Pizza House

Do you want a simple menu with smaller options? The pizzas at The Big Slice are huge, so you may prefer something smaller — say, a 9-inch thin-crust pizza — from Pizza House. You can choose your own toppings or go with one of the pre-designed pies like the 4 Meats or Vegetarian Deluxe. Topping choices include hamburger, green peppers, pineapple, jalapeno, sausage, and, of course, pepperoni.

This eatery also offers a lunch special until 3 p.m. Place an order for pickup, or dine in to enjoy the retro decor and casual atmosphere. Pizza House is on Commercial Street and is open every day except Sunday and Monday.

Arris Pizza

Located on East Republic Road, Arris is the place to go for special deals. It offers a daily special, lunch specials from Tuesday through Friday, family specials, and a Sunday lunch buffet. Arris’ Greek heritage is apparent in menu offerings named after Greek gods and goddesses like Poseidon, Athena, and Zeus. You’ll find ingredients that aren’t usually offered at other pizzerias: gyro meat, Greek sausage, feta cheese, bleu cheese, and more. Is your traveling companion not in the mood for pizza? Order one of the subs, salads, or pasta dishes along with your pizza. Arris is open every day except Monday.

Pappo’s Pizzeria 

Pappo’s Pizzeria was made for pizza connoisseurs. Raised by his Italian family in Cleveland, Ohio, Pappo keeps his pizza authentic by using fresh ingredients and house-made marinara. He bakes each pie in a stone hearth oven, a technique you won’t find in many Springfield pizzerias.

The menu features unique flavor combinations in its 25 specialty pizzas. For example, the breakfast pizza includes farm-fresh eggs, Canadian bacon, and traditional bacon. Garlic cheese bread, breaded eggplant, calzones, salads, sandwiches, and oven-baked wings are other tasty options. Pappo’s Pizzeria offers delivery along with dine-in and take-out.

Visit one of these pizzerias when you’re in Springfield. You just might discover a new favorite dish. Another bonus is that if you’re staying in a nearby hotel, you can pick up your food on the way back to your hotel to eat while relaxing after a long day, or you can have pizza or other menu offerings conveniently delivered to the hotel.